Sealed Lead Acid Battery PK1234

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SLA stands for Sealed Lead Acid battery. It’s also called the VRLA battery, which is short for Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery.

Sealed lead acid and valve regulated batteries are subsets of the lead acid battery, which is more commonly found in flooded form (known as flooded lead acid, or FLA).

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Sealed Lead Acid Battery PK1234
Model: PK1234

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 3.4Ah(20HR)

Dimension: 129*62*60MM

Weight: 1229g

Rechargeable: Yes

Application: Emergency lighting, Fire alarm and security systems, Communication power supply

Sealed Lead Acid Battery PK1234
Product Code: PK1234
Tags: sealed, lead, acid, battery, pk1234, 12v, series

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