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Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-302 PASCERAM - Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the AM Exam Cisco Architecture
650-303 PASCERSE - Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the SE Exam Cisco Architecture
650-304 PASCERFE - Cisco SaaS Conferencing and EIM Resale ATP for the FE Exam Cisco Architecture
650-367 PSACAS Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist Exam Cisco Architecture
650-368 PSACAFE Advanced Collaboration Architecture Field Engineer Exam Cisco Architecture
650-369 PSACASE Advanced Collaboration Architecture System Engineer Exam Cisco Architecture
650-377 ABNAME Advanced Borderless Network Account Manager Exam Cisco Architecture
650-378 ABNFEE Advanced Borderless Network Field Engineer Exam Cisco Architecture
650-379 ABNASEE Advanced Borderless Network Architecture System Engineer Exam Cisco Architecture
650-472 Introduction to 802.1X Operations for Cisco Security Professionals Exam (S802DT1X) Cisco Architecture
650-473 Implementing Cisco Identity Services Engine Secure Solutions Exam (ISE) Cisco Architecture
650-474 Introducing Cisco Identity Services Engine for System Engineer Exam (PAISESE) Cisco Architecture
650-752 Advanced IP NGN Architecture Sales Cisco Architecture
650-754 Advanced IP NGN Architecture System Engineer Cisco Architecture
650-756 Advanced IP NGN Architecture Field Engineer (PANGNFE) Cisco Architecture