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AS PKCELL Battery’s Canadian branch, DURNERGY Inc. has been supplying all sorts of batteries locally since 2014. We keep ample inventory for hundreds kinds of cells with all sorts of chemistry and sizes. We provide comprehensive power solutions for consumer and industrial clients, ranging from distribution of our standard, existing PKCELL products to complex, customized battery pack designs. Our operations cover the following areas:

  • Distribution of PKCELL products in North American: PKCELL has over a dozen top agents worldwide and has already achieved very good brand reputation. As PKCELL’s Canadian branch, DURNERGY will aggressively promote our brand in North American market. Comparing to the major brand, our products have the appeal of “as good quality, better price and better service”. DURNERGY’s customers (especially the ones in small or medium size) will benefit much more from working and growing together with us, they can also enjoy the following supports from us:
    1. Steady, non-interrupted supplies of small to medium quantity of products: our inventory will meet the needs in most situations. In the rare case where large quantity is needed, we will always be able to provide enough supplies to cover the emergent situations and buy some time for the big order;
    2. Worry-free quality assurance: we will replace any bad product. If there is any battery leaking in one pack, we will compensate our customers with 5 new packs of the same kind;
    3. Comprehensive pre and after sales services and supports, including promotional material, advertisement, local exhibitions and decoration for unified retail stores, professional marketing and selling training & advice, return/exchange of expired, unsold products;
    4. Flexible payment terms.
  • Supplying industrial batteries and batteries for corporate purchasing from within Canada: industrial clients, especially in small or medium size, will enjoy our products of “good quality, better price and better service”. Corporations and organizations such as hospitals and hotels will also save a lot of cost and trouble by directly placing order with us;
  • Providing specialty Battery solutions (for power tools, racing toys, Remote Control & Airsoft, medical instruments, DIYs etc.): we have strong experience in battery back design and production, with cordless phone batteries along, we have over 300 kinds of products. We can always provide professional consultations and solutions to meet your unique requirements;
  • Providing Canada-based OEM batteries and consultation: rapid response, no-time-difference, often face-to-face consultation and communication, on-site support, timely delivery, small minimum quantity requirements and flexible payment terms, combined with good quality and better price, will have great appeal to our customers;
  • Shipping-from-Canada e-commerce solutions.