NiZn rechargeable Charger 8186

NiZn rechargeable Charger 8186

Operation Instruction
Capable to charge 2pcs or 4pcs AA/AAA NiZn rechargeable battery.
Specially designed for the appliance/equipment/toy which consumes electricity a lot and often being

It for the small appliances such as digital camera,CD,Game machine,toy,Flashlight and so on.

Charger Characteristics
1.Put the battery in the charger with the correct polarity.
2.Insert the charger into the socket of Corresponding AC220V-50Hz power supply.
3.The red LED shows that the corresponding battery is charging the LED won’t be out or change its
color when battery is fully charged.
4.Please take the timetable of charge as a reference,do take out battery in time.

For indoors use only Don’t lay the charger in the environment of dampness or high temperature.
Pull out the charger from the socket if long time no use.
Primary batteries/recharged batteries not allowed to charge in the charger,otherwise liquid leaking

or exploding.

Technical Parameter
Input:AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Output:DC AA 1.6V 400mA
AAA 1.6V 200mA
8186-1 8186